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Jeremiah Jensen


October 19, 2023

Breaking Barriers: How CrossFit Redefines What You Think You're Capable Of

Have you ever found yourself saying, "I could never do that"? CrossFit thrives on proving those doubts wrong. It's more than a workout; it's a mindset shift. Let's explore how CrossFit challenges your limits.

I remember seeing the CrossFit games on YouTube back in 2010, they did a workout called “Amanda” which is:

9-7-5 Reps for Time


Squat Snatches (135/95 lbs)

At the time I had been working out for about 9 years and thought I was in pretty good shape and was intrigued by what I saw. The next day I went to the local gym feeling inspired and attempted my first snatch with an empty bar. I threw the bar overhead, awkwardly tried to overhead squat, and fell on my butt as the bar came crashing to the ground. I immediately thought to myself “There is no way I could ever do that with 135lbs”.

Embrace the Uncomfortable:

Growth happens outside your comfort zone. CrossFit will push you, challenge you, and sometimes even make you question why you started. Embrace it all.

Fail Forward:

In CrossFit, failure isn't a setback; it's a steppingstone. Failing means you're pushing boundaries. Learn from it, and you'll come back stronger.

Support and Be Supported:

The CrossFit community is there to cheer you on when you succeed and lift you up when you stumble. Lean on this network of encouragement—it's one of CrossFit's greatest assets.

Visualize Your Success:

See yourself conquering that next workout or hitting a personal best. Visualization primes your mind for success and helps you overcome mental barriers.

Trust the Process:

Progress in CrossFit isn't always linear. Trust that every drop of sweat and every ounce of effort leads you toward a stronger, more capable you.

Remember, every person you look at in awe was once a beginner. What separates them is their determination to push through doubt and keep moving forward. You have that same potential within you.

I’m proud to say that I can do “Amanda” as prescribed now, something I distinctly remember saying I could never do.

CrossFit isn't just about building physical strength; it's about discovering the mental fortitude you never knew you had.

Ready to shatter those self-imposed limits? Start here: Try a Free Class.

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